Halsey Shows Off Little Black G-String, Absolutely Nailing the Visible Thong Trend

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It is I! Back again to talk about how much I love visible thongs. This time, I’m not here to discuss Bella Hadid or Dua Lipa or Tana Mongeau—the usual thong suspects—but my girl Halsey.

The pop star’s latest fit is giving early-2000s-grunge-girl to the *highest* degree—you know, the kind of girl who shops at Buckle and only dates ppl who ride motorcycles. She paired up a white beaded tank with leather pants and added more cross jewelry than an Ed Hardy campaign (real ones know).

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As you can see, Halsey then used her undergarments to accessorize. She expertly flaunted a black bra and a matching thong, making the whole aesthetic feel truly authentic to the ’00s era.

*Sigh.* This is a throwback look done absolutely, 100 percent right.

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