Ha*Ash's Global Reach Highlighted by Music Dreams & Streams

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More than 15 years after the sibling duo Hanna and Ashley began making music, it’s the fan connection that still makes every song, album and tour worthwhile.

True fans know Latin pop act Ha*Ash as siblings Hanna and Ashley, who as children dreamed of making their own music and traveling the world performing.

Not only have they lived up to those dreams, but their label this week is celebrating the sisters for their strong digital sales with millions of audio, video and track downloads in addition to 1 million albums sold, the label announced during a special ceremony in Mexico as Afo Verde, chairman & CEO of Sony Music Latin Iberica, presented them with an award.

For the sister act, currently on their 100 Años Contigo Tour, the recognition comes after more than 15 years in the business, writing music and performing in Mexico and the U.S., two countries they have equally called home as they've lived bilingual and bicultural lives, but have only recorded music in Spanish.

“We don't close the door to recording in English,” Ashley said recently to Billboard, “but the focus is in Spanish, which is now receiving a warm reception on a global level and that's something we take pride in.”

Growing up in Mexico and the U.S., Ashley said, gave the sisters an opportunity to enjoy two cultures as they discovered music. They grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where they first began performing as children in church. As they got older and ventured into pop music, they began writing and performing. 

Ha*Ash has more than 2 million followers on Instagram alone, and their social media platforms, Ashley says, have been critical as a way to listen to their fans who have helped make their most recent tours successful, often selling out venues. 

During a 2016 tour, Ha*Ash sold most of their tickets when they performed in a 10-city tour arc, according to Billboard Boxscore. Additionally, they had sellouts in March at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City in March during two shows.

“We feel extremely fortunate and grateful that our fans have stayed with us all these years,” Ashley said. “We're also still having fun and getting to record with other artists like Prince Royce “100 Años”], making collaborations a key and cool part of our careers.”

Ha*Ash's most recent album, 30 de Febrero, was released in late 2017 and continues to find new audiences. 

“We're in no rush to release another album,” Ashely declares. “The album has been heard by many, but many others are still discovering it around the world and I think that speaks to the embrace of music in Spanish and culture.”