Gucci Mane pays off his $800,000 tax lien to the IRS in single dollar bills –

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Gucci Mane is really killing all his old demons since being released from Prison this last time. Its been reported that Gucci Mane paid off his 5 year tax lien that he owed which topped a total of $823,358.50. The IRS claims Gucci owed $9,675.06 for 2008, $607,923.44 for 2010, and $205,760 for 2011. The hefty sum accounts for three years in which the IRS accused him of withholding funds. The IRS issued the rapper a tax lein with a detailed breakdown for each year he owed on

This so damn cool to see how Gucci turned his life around for the better, but it should be noted that the report also said Gucci paid off the IRS in single dollar bills LOL. We guess paying homage to his city of Atlanta which is known for its strip clubs.