Get a Pet for Your Ears With Fall’s Cutest Animal Earrings

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You won’t need an official report to prove that the uptick in people getting pets corresponds exactly to the WFH lifestyle many are now leading due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past week my dog Molly, who joined the family in 2017, and I have met dozens of new dogs around our Brooklyn neighborhood: A Frenchie named Beatrice, a Bernadoodle named Oscar, the list goes on and on. But for those unwilling or not ready to make the leap to full pet parenthood, an easier solution: Get a pet for your ears. 

Brands like Celine and Balenciaga have created cute and cartoonish animal earrings with likenesses of dogs, cats, lambs, and even a mouse. The earrings are the ultimate in cuteness, with smiling enamel animals dangling from hoops or piercing through a lobe. 

For more unconventional animal lovers, Erdem offers a crystal take on birds, Bottega Veneta has hand-painted small monkeys onto a drop pearl, and both Shrimps and Susan Alexandra offer a quirky dangly of pink shrimps. OK, so a beaded or silver pet is definitely not as good as the real thing, but these funny earrings are just the pick me up you’ll need before the long winter. And if you need a little more incentive: They will look great on Zoom.

Celine wolf earring



Balenciaga lamb earring



Shrimps shrimp motif earring



Erdem faux pearl and crystal crane earrings



Dior freshwater pearl earring



Chefanie sea urchin earrings



Susan Alexandra shrimp cocktail earrings



Beepy Bella earring



Bottega Veneta monkey-painted pearl earring