G Herbo Inks a Deal with Cinematic Music Group


G Herbo Inks a Deal with Cinematic Music Group

It’s a celebration in Chicago tonight as one of their own, G Herbo, also known as Lil Herb, has inked a deal with Cinematic Music Group. XXL reports the deal from Cinematic, lead by founder Johnny Snipes, is a joint partnership with Machine Entertainment of the Chi and Herbo’s 150 Dream Team.

Speaking on the deal, Snipes made it known that he has been a fan of G Herbo for a while referencing being a fan since Welcome to Fazoland.

“The Name of the company is Cinematic because whoever, whatever type of artist that can paint that picture, whether it be street music or conscious music, whatever it is, reggae, he’s going to pain a picture that’s cinematic via the music,” Johnny stated. “I think with Herb, I feel like I’m walking the streets of Chicago with him when I listen to him.”

Now that he is inked to the Cinematic squad you can get ready for some new music in the form of the Ballin’ Like I’m Kobe mixtape in September, accompanying visuals and a spot on the Smokers Club Tour. If you are looking for some new heat from Herbo now there is no delay, check out the video for “No Limit” above. Congrats to G Herbo!

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