Future’s Bodyguard Knocked Out Cold From Sucker Punch Rock Attack In Ibiza


Hip-Hop stars traveling internationally will no doubt be on guard after witnessing ‘s ordeal in Sweden, and a new incident involving cemented that fact. The Freebandz star got into an altercation with some overzealous fans which led to one of his security team members catching a sucker punch rock attack to the head.

As shared by The Shade Room, Future was at an Ibiza airport where around 10 men approached him and his entourage. Future wrote Instagram that one of the men allegedly invited him to his crotch in order to get a photo with the rapper and was rebuffed, leading to being slammed with racial slurs.

Reports say Future was ready to scrap but that his security team made sure to get him out of the way. In a video, one man sneaks behind the bodyguard and hits him hard with a rock to the head, with him and his crew celebrating.

Future says he didn’t see and in the video, he’s seen walking away which supports his claims of not knowing exactly what happened. No word yet on if the men in the video will face charges.

Photo: Getty