From The Series of ‘Iconic Comebacks’: White Boy and The Average Rat Band


The White Boy And The Average Rat Band made some big name for himself back in the 1980s with their debut self titled album, but that was a world away. Now, after a break that seemed more of an ultimate fullspot, they are back to the burgeoning scene.

The release of their comeback album was on July 15, while the tour will kick off on August 10th in Montana. The album is comprised of 12 records telling everything we’ve missed during the past four decades.

The album is surely hand-picked, every song has a special appeal to ones who crave music with context and quality, like the good ol’ times. My ultimate favourite is ‘Love My Ride’ a track about the unconditional love and lust for life, it sets a soul on fire.

The album guarantees a look from within, far from superficiality. It’s like a book open.

Stream the full album via Spotify: