Frank Vanegas Delivers A Great Message To The Young Generation In “No Birthdays”


Queens based Hip-Hop artist Frank Vanegas continues his successful journey in the music scene and follows up on his latest release, “Rubix Cube”, with another fiery track and music video titled “No Birthdays”.  It tells his personal story, one where he had to go to jail and miss some of the important family moments in a man’s life, and the experience taught him the essentials of life.  “No Birthdays” is both a healing process and a message addressed to the young generation, warning them about the consequences of some of our actions, and urges them to make the right choices before it’s too late. The only thing we can’t get back is time, and Frank Vanegas wants us to be aware of that fact, and he does so elegantly and skillfully through his music, the best mediums to get his message through.