First Look At The Newest Air Jordan 4 Pinnacle


Jordan Brand continues with its coveted Pinnacle line.

In 2015 Air Jordan made a commitment to returning to high quality materials, something fans have complained about as the quality of materials and construction of retro Jordan sneakers has diminished while the price tag has gotten larger. Fans were stoked, but what that ended up meaning was that Jordan Brand was planning on release a higher tier of sneaker, with a comparably higher price point. Enter Jordan Pinnacle.

Only the Air Jordan 1 got the Jordan Pinnacle treatment in 2015, but its looking like 2016 will be the year the Air Jordan 4 gets its turn for the premium materials and construction.

The third sneaker from this year’s set is made up of an all navy upper of what can only be assumed to be a very high quality leather. Various patterns are used on the different parts of the shoe, giving it a textured look without being too loud. The eyelets are metallic and the sole is a pure white.

The first two Jordan 4 pinnacles were made up of snakeskin and black leather with pony hair, respectively.

The Air Jordan Pinnacle 1s retailed for $400, so expect these to be priced similarly. No word on a release date yet, but you’ll know when we know.

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