FACT mix 636: Acre

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Manchester’s Acre navigates disparate club landscapes on this cavernous mix.

There’s not much info about Acre out there – the producer is based in Manchester, but beyond that you’re better f absorbing his catalog releases than hunting for personal details or pictures. Since 2010, Acre has released a slew EPs on a variety labels, from Lost Codes and Brainmath to Tectonic and Wisdom Teeth.

Each transmission has navigated the line separating functional club music and progressive experimentation, but Acre has smartly avoided the ten-pretentious wave “post-club” deconstructed narcissism. His 2015 debut album for Tectonic, Better Strangers, still stands alone; it’s a smart record that reveals itself slowly, blending grime’s rhythmic backbone with searing noise and, surprisingly, euphoria.

Acre has another album due any moment on the esteemed Opal Tapes imprint, but until then we’ve got this FACT mix, a blend original productions, collaborations and essential cuts from like-minded practitioners such as Mumdance, Croww, Sd Laika and Parris. Dig in.


Sd Laika – ‘Glimmer Sequel’
Croww – ‘Prosthetics 5′
Acre & Visionist – ’02’
Acre – ‘Swerve’
Acre & Gage – ‘Weirdo’
Acre & Gage – ‘Loops2’
Szare – ‘Sediments’ (Version)
Javelin – ‘Poison’ (Version)
Javelin – ‘Sinkhole’
Acre & East Man – ‘Obligatory’
Acre – ‘Always Crashing’ (Still Crashing)
Acre – ‘Needles’
Mumdance – ‘Doom’
Acre – ‘Final Pyre’
Acre & Filter Dread – ‘Flash Speed’ VIP
Acre & Filter Dread – ‘Drum Special 2’ (Dark Bass Edit)
East Man & Saint P – ‘Can’t Tell Me Bout Nothing’
Sd Laika – ‘White Lodge’
The Sprawl – ‘X System’
Acre – ‘Aster’
Elmar Klijn – ‘BleepOn’ (Unknown 001-B Redesign)
Helm – ‘Blue Scene’ (Parris Remix)
Unknown – ‘Pollum’