EXID Channel The '90s in New Single 'Lady'

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K-pop girl group EXID took it back a few decades in their brand new single, recalling the ‘90s in “Lady,” released on Monday.

Beginning with a sassy rap from LE over the brassy New Jack Swing beat, “Lady” is dominated by coyly delivered verses from Hyelin and Jeonghwa, while Hani serves up the singsong chant of a chorus. Soaring belts from Hyelin, twinkling synths and an old-school beat all feel like they were pulled straight out of the ‘90s, returning the girl group back to the retro-leanings they showcased during the earliest days of their career.

The funky “Lady,” or “Tomorrow” as it’s known in Korean, was co-written by LE and Shinsadong Tiger, the group’s primary producer. Like other recent songs, EXID appears on “Lady” as a quartet sans Solji, who has sat out several of promotional cycles since 2016 due to her struggle with hyperthyroidism.

The music video for “Lady” matches the throwback vibe of the song, and opens with the quartet in a graffiti-covered yard, performing the song's choreography in windbreakers, crop tops, and baggy jeans, portraying the four in all their '90s-baby glory. It continues showcasing EXID's dance moves amid hazy lighting and run-down construction sites with gritty filters evoking nostalgia, as the members rock some of the most iconic fashion trends of the era they're channeling including bucket hats and colorful sunglasses.

After going viral in 2014 with hit “Up & Down,” EXID became a major player in the K-pop girl group scene. “Lady” is their first single of 2018, and follows last November's Full Moon EP, which peaked at No. 6 on the World Albums chart.

Watch the music video here: