Exclusive Premiere: Desperado Orchestra Is Back With Latest Music Video | People Say


From Hawaii where he is based, Desperado Orchestra continues to send music to the world. He just released his latest effort, a vividly creative music video, “People Say”, showcasing his skills at a level we hadn’t witnessed so far.  Following the major success gained through his previous release, “Outer Space”, J. Lawson confirms his immense talent with a drop that blends Metal, Rock, Funk and Soul with complete harmony and realism. Artists like Desperado Orchestra are a rare breed, and typically only come once in a while to remind us of the true power music potentially holds. A markedly refreshing song, “People Say” is also a beautifully captured music video where viewers will see Lawson playing guitar and singing in a sports field where children are busy playing baseball, basketball, and soccer. The energy and emotion emanating from ”People Say” will convince even the most skeptical of listener that Desperado Orchestra holds in his hands a polished and matured talent.

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