Exclusive Interview With Ukrainian Superstar Max Barskih

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With over 12M views in just a few weeks, Max Barskih’s brand new single, ‘’Just Fly,’’ is a musical where every shot and every detail recalls the golden age of Hollywood. According to Max, his new character’s attitude is as close as possible to how he feels about life himself. We’ve had the chance to chat with Max about his new English release, past successes, mindset during the pandemic, and much more!

Hi Max! How are you? Have you been able to continue working during the pandemic? Tell us more about some of the challenges you’ve faced because of the lockdown. 

Before the pandemic, I was touring for almost three years in a row worldwide, doing tv appearances, award shows, interviews, music videos, writing and producing songs in between; I kept myself too busy. It was exhausting. When the quarantine happened, I was pretty glad I had time for myself. I finally shared moments with my friends and family, traveled to inspiring places, changed the themes and the meanings of my songs. I managed to rethink my life and values, I stopped rushing, learned to be in the moment and enjoy the world around me. 

Congratulations on your new single and music video “Just Fly,” we absolutely loved it. How does it feel to release your first English single? What’s the message behind the song?

It feels pretty amazing, thank you. This song is my personal positive mantra. I wanted to create something that would give me an uplifting feeling, and transport me to good emotions. I play it in the morning and smile all day. It’s like My mood changer. )) Hopefully, people would feel the same way. 

Please tell us more about the outstanding music video released alongside the song. Where does your fascination for the golden age, the 50s and 60s, come from?

A good friend of mine and a music video director, Alan Badoev came up with this idea. An amazing team of creators put their talent and good vibrations into it. We wanted to create a colorful and sunny world, a life that turns into a musical. I always loved music of the 50s, romantic and pure love stories, it always turns the weather into a holiday. There were times when people were creating music with live instruments with no computers, music that always gives you hope even if it’s a sad story.


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What’s the project you are the most proud of in your music career?

I’m grateful and proud for every chapter of my musical journey. There’ve been lots of great projects for the past ten years. I’ve done too much to remember.)) Everything that I accomplished, is just one more little step before the new achievements.


Did you participate in any online concerts or music related events?

I’ve just finished the Eastern European part of the tour. Preparing for the small American tour that’s going to happen this November. 


Which genre of music is the closest to your heart? 

It can be anything from edm to hip hop. I love music that has feelings and a genuinely emotional story behind it. I feel like music is a language you speak to people and the genre you choose depending on the mood. 


Which of your various activities gives you the highest fulfillment?

I studied art in school. Sometimes getting back to painting. It’s another good way to express your emotions. I love to write, to produce music. Last year I started a fashion line and the electronic project NICK VANGARD. Those are the activities I’m excited about. 


Is there an artist that you would love working with?

It’s a good question. I have always been a fan of Lana Del Ray. Maybe one day we will collaborate on a song. I have few demos that would be perfect for this. 


With all the awards and nominations you’ve had throughout your career, which one means the most to you?

I don’t have space left on my shelf for another award, to me it’s just a shiny metal. The most important thing is to see thousands of eyes on my shows and to hear them singing along with me. 


What’s your message or advice for young artists who look up to you?

Be honest in what you do. Be passionate. Have something to say through your music. Find your uniqueness. Never listen to people. Never give up. Have the spark. If you fail, try over and over again.


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