Dwyane Wade Gives Powerful Speech On Importance Of Accepting Son’s Sexuality

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When it comes to showing unwavering support for his son, has definitely proven to be the poster child, but according to the his support was more about himself than his son.

ON Thursday (Dec.19) expounded upon the temps he took to fully embrace his son . During the interview with fellow NBA baller for his All the Smoke podcast, Wade explained that he realized early on that Zion wasn’t embracing his masculinity as much as his older brother Zaire.

In regards to his unapologetic defense of his son, D Wade tells hater to “get used to it,” because he’s made it his mission to speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves.

”Everybody get used to it, man,” Wade said. “This is the new normal. So if anybody different, we looked at as different. You know what I’m saying? The ones that don’t understand it. The ones that don’t get it. The ones that are stuck in a box. You’re different. Not the people that are out here living their lives, man.”

Check out the full interview below.

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