Dua Lipa Wore A Sheer Bra As A Shirt for Her 26th Birthday Outfit

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Dua Lipa is both a female alpha and a Leo—which is one of the most powerful combinations any single person can be. For her birthday (the one day of the year in which Leos are their strongest), the pop star channeled all of that energy into one utterly jaw-dropping outfit.

For her 26th celebrations, Dua chose a v unexpected look—and that’s saying something, given that she regularly wears thongs as accessories. She wore a sheer bra underneath a navy pantsuit, covered in rainbow crystals. The ensemble gave boss b*tch and birthday b*tch vibes simultaneously.

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The “Levitating” singer then added even more flare to an already wild fit. The final touches included a fur bucket hat, a statement belt, a waterfall of kitschy necklaces, and a massive bundle of metallic birthday balloons.

Congratulations to Dua for becoming the most Leo Leo in history.

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