Dua Lipa Just Wore the Tiniest Crochet Bikini

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Write this down: Dua Lipa will not settle for a boring bikini. Ever. The “Levitating” singer doesn’t just throw on a swimsuit and go to the pool. If there’s even a drop of water within a mile radius, you better believe she’s gonna turn out an entire look.

For example: she wore a string bikini with a hot dog tee, a rainbow two-piece with a button-up, and a metallic off-the-shoulder number that stands on its own. Add to that list: this teeny tiny crochet bikini.

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With a bloom covering each breast and a string holding them together, this top is more like crochet nipple covers than anything else. Dua’s serving sideboob, underboob, and hella cleavage all at the same time. A legend.

Her bottoms are an earthy shade of brown, punctuated with a vibrant rainbow. (Swipe for more shots of that.) And though this vibe is a vibe, it’s not quite vibey enough for our swimwear queen. To elevate an already unique swimsuit, Dua piled on handfuls of whimsical plastic jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, star-shaped hoops) and added pink aviators for good measure.

Crochet bikinis have already been dubbed one of summer’s hottest swimwear trends, but no one—I repeat—no one does it quite like Dua.

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