Drake's OVO Air Jordan 10 To Release This Weekend


Drake’s ‘OVO’ Air Jordan Collection, which consists of white and black pairs of the Air Jordan 10 and Air Jordan 12, was originally believed to be a strictly ‘Family & Friends’ release. 

However, select pairs of the Js released at the ‘OVO’ pop-up shop in Los Angeles in April… and there’s another release on deck.

The premium, white, ostrich laden ‘OVO’ Air Jordan 10s are officially scheduled to release this weekend, though you’ll need a four-leaf clover, rabbit’s foot, leprechaun and a genie if you even want to get close to copping a pair.

According to @BaltSneakerShow, the kicks will be dropping this Saturday, August 1st- just before ‘OVO Fest’ kicks off. Furthermore, the yet-to-be-unveiled ‘OVO’ Air Jordan 8 is also rumored to be unveiled, and released, during OVO Fest.

As for the ‘OVO’ 12s, there’s no word if they’ll be dropping as well, though Jordan Brand is releasing a similar pair as part of their ‘Poster Collection’ in 2016.

Drake's OVO Air Jordan 10 To Release This Weekend

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