DJ Akademiks Says He’ll Stop Posting Meek Mill Related Content Rapper’s Request

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When it comes to the entertainment industry there’s no truer saying than “all publicity is good publicity” but when it comes to , if he don’t f*cks with you then he doesn’t want your help pushing his name on social media. Just ask DJ Akademiks.

Recently the Everyday Struggle co-host took to social media to announce that at Meeks request he will no longer be posting any Meek Mill related material but also pointed out that Meek used to complain about not getting enough burn on his IG page which boasts 3.1 million followers.

So.. y’all remember when meek told me to stop posting him and I did.. then he went on philly radio complaining that I ain’t posting his album… well today he asked that I stopped posting him. And I’ll gladly oblige … I don’t need no artist who don’t wanna be on platform. ✌️there will no more meek mill posts after this on my platform. Too many other lit rappers for me to cover…”

While this seems like a move outta left field from Meek’s side, Akademiks is one of Tekashi’s 6ix9ine’s most loyal friends in the social media game and we all know that for the past month and change.

The announcement comes on the heels of an interview Akademiks conducted with the government’s star witness of 2019 and Tekashi’s recent collaboration with Meek’s ex-wife turned rival, Nicki Minaj.

How such a move would actually help Meek’s career is unclear, but at the moment is seems like more of a matter of principal than a business decision.