Deadmau5 Says The Bassline To 'Strobe' Is Impossible – Or Is It?

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Deadmau5 Says The Bassline To 'Strobe' Is Impossible - Or Is It?Joel Zimmerman, also known as Deadmau5, has ten challenged the people that surround him, as well as launched certain obstacles for the individuals the world to complete. In the past, the notorious producer listened to a remix his hit ‘Strobe‘ and declared that the bassline that particular remix was “technically impossible”. He then launched the difficult task wanting to hear a bass player play it live. Today, a YouTube star has accepted the ambitious undertaking. Can he master that seemingly unthinkable riff?

If you’re a bass-lover, you should definitely check out . His knack for musical detail and undeniable skill set have given him an extremely impressive and growing army followers (currently: 1,213,218 YouTube fans).

The young Italian artist has taken on his most intense challenge to date by tackling the Niagara Falls-born DJ’s “technically impossible” bassline test. Zimmerman replied to the video Davie504’s Twitter:

After viewing the clip (featured below), there are no doubts in anyone’s minds that the viral sensation has conquered the supposedly inconceivable trial. Major props to this up-and-coming musician. You’ve once again proven that you can defeat even the most difficult challenges.