Daniel Caesar Apologizes For Drunken Diarrhea Of The Mouth


has apologized. The R&B crooner says my bad for caping for YesJulz and saying that Black people shouldn’t be so mean to white people, sort of.

, Caesar made his apology the same method he put his foot in his mouth, on Instagram Live.

“I was talking down to you guys, you know what I’m saying?,” said Caesar, who also said he was being pretentious.

He added, “I just got say I apologize for how I expressed my idea because that is where I went wrong. I believe in what I said and I just need…as a man I just…I can admit when I’m wrong.”

Wait, be believe in what he said? Someone point this guy to a history of racism Google search. Also, you can prepare the statement before going live with the “tyrannical rant” (his words) excuse.

Is this dude still canceled or nah?