Cuban Rapper Waits Two Hours Outside Store for Drake — Here’s What Happened

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A Cuban rapper named Apollo Lofton wasn’t about to let his chance to share his music with Drake pass him by without taking his shot.

Earlier this week, Lofton waited two hours for Drake to come out of a store in Miami just so he could play one of his songs for him. This reminds us of the 2005 drama Hustle & Flow where a novice rapper from Memphis tries to slip a hip-hop star his homemade recording on cassette tape during a Fourth of July party.

As Drake walks to his vehicle with a bodyguard, you can see Lofton standing in the wings with a speaker blasting his song for him to hear. Drake looks back for a second and acknowledges him.

“I just hopped on it, I had to do it,” Lofton tells Drake before he enters the backseat of the vehicle. “It was too hot. Love you.”

On Instagram, Lofton says, “The struggles of an up-and-coming rapper. Stood outside for nearly two hours just to play my record for Drake and he was rockin’ wit it. This is God’s plan. Appreciate u @champagnepapi #OVO.”

Lofton later told Miami-based radio station Power 96 that Drake called him to his car after the video stopped to hear more of his song.

Along with the video, Lofton also posted a screenshot showing that Drake is now following him on Instagram. “Champagnepapi started following you.”

We’ll have to keep up with Lofton to see if his brief run-in with Drake catapults him into stardom, but not many people can say that – even for a second – Drake had your song in his head.

As the rookie rapper Djay says in Hustle & Flow, “Everybody gotta have a dream.”