Colibrí's Powerful New 'Guasina' Video Shows Venezuelan Protests: Watch

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Colibrí — an indie-pop band from Bolívar, Venezuela — debuts their video for “Guasina,” the first of three singles they plan to release in the coming months. It features extracts of Venezuelan anthems such as “Gloria al Bravo Pueblo” and also quotes the “Change for Peace” speech given by former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower back in 1953, whom the band says inspired the creation of the song.

The lyrics include direct references to the crisis Venezuelans have been living in for about the past 20 years. The video features footage of the protests from 2014 and 2017 where police brutally injured and killed unarmed civilians with weapons. The scenes were recorded by filmmakers Jermain Odreman and Guillermo Diaz.

Colibrí they have been working as a group since 2015 with members Carlos Linares (lead vocals, guitar), Uber Silva (vocals, keyboard and clarinet), Juan David Artal (electric guitar) and Jeffrey Bautista (bass). They define their sound as indie-pop and alternative rock with jazz, progressive rock and synth-pop elements.

They have toured throughout the country, winning an honorary mention in the New Bands Festival and opening for Laura Guevara.

Watch Colibrí's “Guasina” video here: