CNCO Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Bandmates?': Watch

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If you’ve ever wondered how well the members of Latin boy band CNCO know each other, this is your chance to find out. Billboard put the group’s five members to the test, finding out who the biggest flirt is, who the best dancer is and which guy is the most likely to spend $2K on a shopping spree.

When asked who in CNCO is the biggest flirt, the guys come to a tied vote between Christopher Velez and Erick Brian Colon. They’re also asked who the best and worst dancers in the group are, eliciting a mixed response for the best – with Richard Camacho getting two votes. The band agrees that there are no bad dancers in the group, though, with Joel Pimentel saying, “I don’t think anyone dances bad. At the beginning we were stiff, but we’ve evolved.”

There are some overwhelmingly unanimous answers, with all five CNCO members agreeing that Zabdiel de Jesus cries the most and that Camacho is definitely the one who would spend $2K on a shopping spree.

You can watch the full video above to hear more from CNCO, and to find out which band member is the biggest troublemaker of the bunch.