Cheat Codes, Sofia Reyes, and Willy William Keep It Posi in New ‘Highway’ Video

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New York dance trio Cheat Codes have finessed hits by collaborating with stars from across the pop spectrum: from Fetty Wap to Kim Petras to Demi Lovato. But forf their latest single, “Highway,” they looked to those making moves in the Latin pop landscape.

Featuring Mexican-American singer Sofia Reyes and French DJ-vocalist Willy William, the new song plays like a sonic joyride through the liminal space between EDM and dancehall. Singing in English, Reyes lets slide a soft twang during the hooky chorus: “Ain’t no love on the highway/If you keep it in park on your driveway/You ain’t gonna go too far/Chillin’ in your broke down car.” William, still flexing the Spanish he practiced with J Balvin for their 2017 megahit, “Mi Gente,” supplements his own verses: “Yo quiero irme lejos de todo/Porque estoy volviendo loco/Ven conmigo, ¡no tenemos mucho tiempo!

Directed by Magellan Rubin, the new video illustrates the story of a fragmented family coming together: just as a young couple celebrate their pregnancy, the young man’s father makes a timely return home from a long stint in prison. The clip was filmed between Hidden Hills, California, and New York City.

“We wanted to include a narrative that captures vignettes which resonate in people’s every day lives,” wrote Cheat Codes to Rolling Stone. “Our ultimate goal in creating this video is to emphasize on the beauty and tenacity in overcoming struggle, facing perseverance and never giving up.”