Our Chat with Renowned DJ/Producer Ivan Dorn Brings Us Deeper Inside the Mind of an Artist on the Verge of World Domination

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Ivan Dorn – hugely popular name in the Ukraine and Russia is riding high on success these days. Ivan has taken his love and devotion towards music overseas and takes some serious steps towards validating himself as an independent artist.


We had an opportunity to meet Ivan in person and get answers to several questions we all were curious about.


– Who has been the biggest single influence on your music and how you perform your art?


The biggest single influence on my music was Pharrell Williams. I’ve been following his many manifestations of art since I was 16 (now I am 29, so it’s been 13 years), 13 years of being his biggest fan in the world. Everything from harmony to his way of thinking.


– What are your thoughts on social media – when you realize people are falling in love with you, your sound?


I tend to not post the clever thoughts that people love to post nowadays, honestly it would just take me too much time to come up with something witty or clever. I tend to just re-post interesting or funny things from other people or post about music things (special findings, cool synths, important events, etc. ) and occasionally I just post something weird. I don’t really like social media, it takes up too much of my precious time and the responsibility is too damn huge to post something ill-considered. People love me for my music, so I message them through my music.


– You’ve obviously been down at the bottom and now you’ve experiencing the top of an independent artist, what would you say are the highs and low of an independent artist?


Low of independent artist – sometimes too much freedom of choice which may lead to irresponsible or poorly guided decisions. High of IA – is the freedom framed by your own choices and the responsibility that you make personally with your audience.


– Do you admire anybody in particular? Is there anybody you’ve gained a new found respect for after meeting them?


– I always respect and admire people who are in love with what they are doing because those people are naturally happy being who they are!  They are not pretending to be someone you might like and they are not about the money, but the dream they believe in. Antoha MC is one of those guys!


– Listening to ‘OTD’, I was blown away. I had no idea you could sing like this. What made you want to do this record?


– Besides my experiences… it’s the belief in my dream – that my music can please people around the world. You know that this is pretty big dream being an UA artist. I just knew that I wanted to share this record internationally and have as many people hear it as possible.