Central Park 5 Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Dropped By Her Publisher


The L’s keep coming, and they’re way past due. Linda Fairstein, infamous for prosecuting the , has been dropped by her publisher.

Reports NPR:

Linda Fairstein, the longtime New York City prosecutor turned prolific crime novelist, is no longer with her publisher after a firestorm of criticism erupted over her work in a famous — and recently dramatized — trial three decades ago.

Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Random House, confirmed to NPR that it and Fairstein “have decided to terminate their relationship.” A spokesperson for Dutton declined to offer any further details on the decision.

News of the abrupt separation comes two months after the publication of her latest novel, Blood Oath — and just days after the release of the Netflix-produced, Ava DuVernay-helmed miniseries When They See Us. The show dramatizes the notorious case in which authorities pressured five black and Latino teenagers into falsely confessing to a 1989 gang rape in New York City’s Central Park.

Recently, of Vassar College and other boards she was affiliated with.

Your actions in life have consequences, and karma has a long memory.

Also, how many other people in her career did she potentially railroad? It’s a question that needs answering.