Carnage Rants After Fans Trash His Festival Performance

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Twitter: a place for memes, opinions and celebrity rants. Not so new to the Twitter beef scene is DJ Carnage, who has unapologetically spoken his mind on the platform many times. Back in October he accused pushing him, starting an epic argument between the two. Then in December he went on a rant calling out after backing out the 2018 lineup.

This time, following in footsteps, Carnage went after someone who dissed his set at the Crush Arizona show on February 17th.

The fun didn’t stop there though, Carnage continued on a rant calling out “edm purists” and stating that “PLUR is dead.” You can read through it below.

Extreme? Probably. But this rant is not really surprising for the DJ and goes along with his ‘A state Carnage’ brand.