Carey Renee Pours Her Fluid Poetry All Over Debut Electro-R&B Single “House Is Burning”

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Today, we have the distinct pleasure of announcing the exclusive premiere of Wisconsin-born American recording artist Carey Renee’s debut single titled “House Is Burning.”

This sophisticated mix between soulful electro-hymns and soothing R&B tones peppered with a gorgeous electric guitar solo, sees the young rising artist unleash her fluid poetry in a moving way. 

Produced by Dru Decaro (Snoop Dogg, Miguel, John Legend) and Adam Kobylarz, “House Is Burning”  is a universally relatable single with so many layers of interpretations, challenging the listener to the core as she shares her personal experiences. The wonderful electric guitars, electronic textures and R&B-inspired soundscapes all blend in into Renee’s signature style with seamless ease, a sign of greatness. 

With an extensive background in music, Carey Renee displays her artistic tenure in the quality of her songwriting as well as in the power of her ability to convey emotion to her audience. Her solemn voice is smooth and beautiful, as she celebrates the depth and ever changing nature of the human experience. Carey Renee displays a “slice of life” styled narrative that captures beauty in its natural state. It is bound to resonate with art enthusiasts globally, thanks to its creator’s universal feelings, truths, intuitions, and her inspiring vision of life and art.