Cam Newton & Aqib Talib Freestyle Battled A Reporter At Super Bowl Media Day


A reporter challenged both Cam & Aqib to a rap battle.

Super Bowl Media Day — the media loves it, the players hate it. It always produces at least one memorable moment, such as the legendary Marshawn Lynch-Deion Sanders interview two years ago.

The most exciting moments to emerge from this year’s media day were undoubtedly the freestyle rap battles that went down between Cam Newton and Aqib Talib and one bold reporter in a yellow shirt. Aqib Talib dissed the reporter’s $10 watch before flexing his own $80,000 Rolex.

By the looks of it, the reporter had been rehearsing his bars for weeks. Was it enough to give him the W? You be the judge.

— Lindsey Adler (@Lahlahlindsey) February 2, 2016

“Your watch cost ten dollars”: Aqib Talib freestyling with a fan:

Posted by Jay Busbee on Monday, February 1, 2016

As mentioned on @Toucherandrich, video of Aqib Talib talking about his cheap little Rolex

— Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) February 2, 2016

Aqib Talib’s Rolex watch, which he called an “$80,000 Rolley”

— Mike Sando, (@SandoESPN) February 2, 2016

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