#BRUHNews: Elliott From ‘E.T.’ Movie Busted For DUI

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#BRUHNews: Elliott From ‘E.T.’ Movie Busted For DUI

Source: Sunset Boulevard / Getty

One of film’s most heralded child stars was caught hitting the sauce too hard. Henry Thomas was popped for drinking and driving.

As spotted on TMZ Elliot from E.T. was arrested on charges of On Monday, October 21 Oregon police received a call from another local claiming there was a car parked in the middle of a intersection. Naturally the Tualatin PD reported to the scene and found the boozed up thespian asleep in his car.

Thomas was so deep into counting sheep the badges had to make serious efforts to wake him up. While he didn’t smell of alcohol the police suspected he had something in his system and took him in. Henry was released this morning.

While he hasn’t been featured in any projects on the level of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster he has gone on to enjoy a pretty fruitful acting career including his reoccurring role in The Haunting of Hill House.