BriGuel’s Miguel And Brianne Fit Together Like Lego On “Who Do You Wanna Be”

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Briguel’s “Who Do You Wanna Be” marks a new chapter for the well known artist couple. Their latest music video is even better, if that’s possible, than anything they’ve dropped this past year, keeping in mind that their previous works were truly amazing. Stuffed full of brilliantly produced ear-worm choruses sang with an admirable grace by Brianne Berkson who perfectly complements her partner Miguel Gluckstern in life and on stage, sonically, lyrically, and most importantly, spiritually. Briguel have been consistently offering deeply meaningful and wise messages in all the lyrics of their songs, and once again follow the same emotional direction on “Who Do You Wanna Be”, a sonic and visual beauty that will challenge listeners to their core into looking at their past, present, and future decisions regarding what kind of human being they want to be.