Brazilian Artist Matuê Turns Things Up With “QUER VOAR”

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Matuê jumps back in with a new groover titled “Quer Voar.” Loosely translated, the title refers to as “want to fly.” This release oozes a unique soundscape, with big hooks and refined synths giving the song a pop feel that lurks beneath the surface. The young artist is setting things right with an urban fire as it grows over 45 million views on Youtube in under a month.

The Brazilian banger was released with a matching music video upping its status as a hard-hitting single. The young artist crafts intimate, pop-influenced, songs with tremendous scope. The new track pulsates with confidence and heavy synths but that grandiosity lies within the vocals.

With subtle thumping notes finding their way into the track’s binding production, the passionate tone that is set only continues to add character to the track. Serving up smoky, hazy, and straight-up striking tunes and lyrics, this song is striving to reach the top.

Pushing sultry pop sensibilities whilst possessing an undeniable angsty twang, Matuê vocals guide lyrics that ponder massive feelings.

With the new track joining the already wildly successful path of Matuê, he is sure to become a must-have artist on all playlists.

Watch the interesting and mind-boggling music video below.

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