Bones Makes Underground Metal Accessible To All On New Music Video “Face It”

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Underground metal artist Bones is currently succeeding at making underground metal accessible to all on the eclectic music video for the song “Face It.” Released via his own label Bones Music and UMG Spinnup, Bones has had quite a journey in music, being a member of various bands before finally taking the major decision of going solo. Launching his own label with the purpose to bring his own kind of changes to the industry also shows his bold and risk-taking mindset, an aspect reflected in his power-driven and fully psychedelic underground metal signature sound. “Face It” can be understood through various levels of interpretations, from a personal dimension to a much wider call to action, inciting all those who have ideas and solutions to do something rather than wait and observe as the world is burning. Bones follows in the footsteps of all true artists who present and expose the illusions of our modern societies in order to empower each and everyone of us to play our part. All through a distorted, psychedelic and experimental underground metal signature sound.