BING is Bringing a Fresh Sound to America: Listen

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There’s not a lot we know about BING. When you look through her Instagram, you can tell from her photos that she’s clearly famous in China, but a lot is left to speculation. Just who exactly is this masked singing superstar from China? While those answers are beyond our reach for now, what we do know is that BING is bringing to America a fresh, new sound that is bound to take the States by storm.

Her single “Hanging On”, which debuted in early December of 2017, is a prime example of the kind of sound listeners can expect of BING. “Hanging On” is a progressive journey, as BING pours her heart into her vocals that soar over the track.Unique vocals melodies are heard throughout, which leave an even stronger impression given the caliber of the vocal performance delivered. BING also uses sounds from her native China through Western-style production to give the track an added air of uniqueness.

All of these elements put together amount to a most-impressive debut from BING, and we can only help but wonder what more captivating sounds she has in store for her debut album.