Big Mountain Yeezy: Kanye West Cops Yet Another $14M Wyoming Ranch

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is getting all the acres, minus the mules. Yeezy has reportedly brought another $14 million Wyoming ranch.

According to TMZ, Yeezy put down a cool $14,495,000 for a chunk of land called Bighorn Mountain Ranch that sits out outside of Cody, WY.

Back in September, the “Gone” rapper . and is known as Mountain Lake Ranch.

As for the new land, it clocks in at 6,713 acres and per TMZ features mountains, rolling hills, canyons and bluffs filled with wildlife. And trout fishing, plenty of trout fishing. No doubt Yeezy’s father, who was , will approve.

Other modern amenities include 2 heated helicopter pads and log cabins and lodges with walk-in saunas and views of the mountain ranges. Plenty of space for Kanye West and family to go out and explore—and .

When he’s not .