Be Safe, Though: Tekashi 6ix9ine Housed In The Snitch Unit

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There was never any doubt that would be singing like a bird once the Feds got their hands on him. Considering how tattletales are treated in crime circles (), the Brooklyn rapper is being housed with other snitches for his safety.

In fact, Tekashi is probably doing better than most inmates.

Reports TMZ:

Fact is … the feds believe Tekashi is already safe and secure in the facility he’s called home for nearly a year. The joint houses other snitches, all of whom have the same problem … certain people want to kill many of them and are willing to pay a hefty price to get the job done.

The facility has a unit where a bunch of the snitches live. They spend all of their time with each other … no other inmates allowed. They have a common area where tables are set up for meals. It’s strictly a catering-in unit. Food carts come and go all day.

They have exercise equipments and a TV in the common area and they sleep in a dormitory setting.

Tekashi is facing 47 years in the bing if convicted of his crimes. However, prosecutors recently in his crew, as well as admitting to his own crimes. The result is he’ll do significantly less time, while his rap career is basically a wrap.

He may want to lose the face tattoos sooner than later, too.