Baby Soulja arrested for pistol whipping Kolyon over dice game –

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Damn it seems Baby Soulja is really about what he raps! Baby Soulja who is signed to pop superstar Flo’Rida’s Strong Arm record label is currently behind bars for pistol whipping another popular rapper Kolyon. Word is the two Florida rap stars were shooting Dice outside of the studio when the pot got up to $5,000 dollars. Word is that Kolyon lost, but wanted to roll again blaming the pavement for his bad roll which had him losing the $5,000 to Baby Soulja. Next thing that happened we are told is Baby Soulja pulled out his gun and pistol whipped Kolyon, knocking him out.

Baby Soulja is currently being held with no bond! This is crazy because the two rappers were once close and hung out alot. Check the videos below and tell us what you think

Video of Baby Soulja and Kolyon shooting dice: