Artist Spotlight: BlessedKingTheArtist – “Tennessee”

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The first half of 2020 has been tough for everyone, but thanks to the talent and swag of some artists like BlessedKingTheArtist, our moods lifted-up and well taken care of. BlessedKingTheArtist recently moved to the US, and has just released his first single, a fantastic track titled “Tennessee.” It was on his first trip to Tennessee that helped him find the inspiration to write down this song, telling the ins and outs of a partying night he will remember all of his life. 

He inserts different genres in his sounds, and we must say that he is a master at reinventing music, all the while making sure that every part of the track is polished with detailed refinements. 

The pure and unbridled quality of “Tennessee” is a perfect display of his mindset and talent, as we are now more than excited to closely watch the development of his career!