Addison Rae Wore A Hot Lil Romper and You Can Still Buy It Online

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Addison Rae is a Libra, but she’s out here giving more Leo energy than half the Leos I know. The TikTok influencer is giving the absolute most on Instagram (read: Leo) in a bangin’ little bodysuit.

Addison nailed one of Instagram’s favorite poses, snapping a mirror selfie while flaunting her knee-high platform boots on a bathroom counter. Keeping the vibe simple, she wore a black spaghetti strap bodysuit (swipe for the booty shot) and a single gold chain.

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She’s worth a totally chill $5 million, but Addison’s fit is super affordable—as in less than $100. The romper comes from Naked Wardrobe, an affordable favorite of Kylie Jenner, beloved for their body-flaunting basics. This one in particular is $60 and available in XS-XL. Thanks for the rec, Addison!

The NW Scooped Up Romper
Naked Wardrobe


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