Above & Beyond's Common Ground Debuts at #3 on Billboard 200 Chart

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The Billboard charts have always been a reliable metric to track the popularity modern music. Usually the coveted positions the top 200 charts are saved for the likes pop superstars like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. But this time around, these usual suspects were beat out by the trance legends themselves: Above & Beyond.

With their latest album, Common Ground, recently released on January 26th, we were ecstatic to see these three guys take the #3 slot on the Billboard Top 200 charts. Trailing just behind Migos’ new album and The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, A&B still managed to beat out some the worlds biggest named (such as those mentioned above).

Already a few shows into their Common Ground album tour; Jono, Tony, and Paavo have been raking the praise for their album that critics say is a masterful return to form for the trio. The 13-track compilation features a variety vocal tracks along with a handful other gems. Take a listen to it below.