A Recent Spotify Outage Had Folks Deep In Their Feelings, Twitter Was Not Happy

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At this point music is a basic necessity for millions of people. So when one of the largest streaming platforms goes haywire it’s a big problem.

On the morning of Friday, July 10 millions of smartphone users woke up to problems with that they were definitely not prepared for. When people clicked on the app it crashed. Even individual attempts to troubleshoot the issue by deleting it and reinstalling it didn’t do the trick. Naturally this caused an uproar among users, both with paid subscriptions and free subscriptions.

A spokeswoman eventually confirmed the root of the problem which was linked to another app out of all things. The outage was traced to an issue with Facebook due to some coding embedded in and also Pinterest, Tinder and PUBG Mobile. At 9:05 AM eastern time the tweeted that the issues were solved. “Everything’s now back in tune! If you still need help, send us a tweet” they wrote.

Nevertheless the interruption was felt by many across the world thus the Swedish company heard and felt the heat in an all you can eat buffet of Twitter complaints. You can read the best responses below.

Photo: Spotify