A New Release Date & Tracklist Has Surfaced For Jeremih's "Late Nights: The Album"


Jeremih’s long awaited “Late Nights: The Album” maybe only a few weeks away. Maybe.

I know we’ve been down this road before, but another release date for Jeremih’s long-awaited Late Nights: The Album has once again surfaced online tonight.

According to the music streaming service Deezer (see pic in gallery), Late Nights: The Album will reportedly be dropping December 4, which is only two weeks from today. However, we don’t blame you if you’re holding back your excitement, because after all, this project has encountered so many setbacks we don’t know what to believe anymore.

To coincide with this release date, Deezer also revealed the tracklist to Late Nights as well. Whether it be by accident or on purpose remains unknown, but if it’s indeed all true, the album will feature guest appearances from J. Cole, Ty Dolla $ign, Big Sean, Future, Jhené Aiko, Juicy J, Twista, and YG. There isn’t any signs of the recently-released “Peace Sign” record with Fabolous & Red Café though, however it very well could be a bonus cut. Guess time will only tell.

Peep the rumored tracklist below, and keep your fingers crossed that this release date actually sticks.

1. “Planes” f. J. Cole
2. “Pass Dat”
3. “Impatient” f. Ty Dolla $ign
4. “oui” (You & I)
5. “Drank”
6. “Giv No Fuks” f. Migos
7. “Feel Like Phil”
8. “Royalty” f. Big Sean & Future
9. “I Did” f. Feather
10. “Actin’ Up”
11. “Remember Me”
12. “Don’t Tell Em” f. YG
13. “Woosah” f. Twista & Juicy J
14. “Worthy” f. Jhené Aiko
15. “Paradise”

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