A Man Helped Solve A Crime And Now He's Asking For Red October Yeezys


The GoFundMe era is alive and thriving. If you need money for anything ranging from a bicycle to a startup business, launching a GoFundMe page could be your golden ticket… especially if you have a heart wrenching back story.

One man, who goes by @fansince09 on twitter, is looking to score a pair of Red October Yeezys through GoFundMe because he says he was never rewarded for his help in solving a hate crime.

Last year, fansince09 provided crucial information to the police which helped them arrest a group of men who attacked a gay couple in Philadelphia.

However, he says he never received the $10,000 reward that he was promise… so he needs you to buy him Yeezys.

He writes: 

“I really want Yeezys. But I don’t want the trash new ones that look like when you ask your moms for Roshes and she knits you a pair herself because they’re expensive, I want Red Octobers. So if I’ve ever made you laugh, or if you have anything you could give to help, I’m begging you to give what you can. I’ve never wanted to ask you for a dime, but I need this. There’s no way around it, and there’s no place else to go.”

If you wanna help out a dude wearing a Bane mask, the GoFundMe page is here.

A Man Helped Solve A Crime And Now He's Asking For Red October Yeezys


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