A Gaslamp Killer's Defamation Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

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A Gaslamp Killer's Defamation Lawsuit Has Been Dismissed

RaeAn Medina Is Clear Of Defamation Lawsuit

Back in October DJ an producer, Gaslamp Killer was accused raping Chelsea Tadros and RaeAn Medina in 2013. By the same token, Chelsea Tadros put out this statement back in October 2017:

i’ve been silently suffering over this for many years. the gaslamp killer drugged and raped my best friend and myself 4 years ago pic.twitter.com/yvJM5HEJay

— chelsea (@chelseaelaynne) October 13, 2017

On the contrary, Gaslamp Killer responded back legally. He sued the pair with defamation and libel lawsuits and sought out up to $5 million dollars.

In response, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge has dismissed the defendant’s lawsuit against Medina but not Tadros. Undoubtedly, this motion was huge for both sides. Chelsea Tardos’ lawyers stated:

We are pleased to have prevailed at the first stage this litigation, the Court having dismissed William Bensussen’s lawsuit against RaeAn Medina in its entirety and a portion his claims against Chelsea Tadros.

The artist’s attorney Parag Amin on the other hand stated:

This ruling is huge. Of all the legal hurdles my client faced in bringing this lawsuit, this motion was the toughest to overcome. Because Bensussen is a public figure, the bar was extremely high… Now we look forward to our day in court, where my client can finally clear his name from Tadros’s fabricated and vile allegations.

We will have to see where these accusations lead to and leave it up to the United States judicial system.