9 Ways Scott Storch Can Double His Wealth

9 Ways Scott Storch Can Double His Wealth

Image via Instagram

When news of Scott Storch’s bankruptcy became official this past week, a sadness filled our hearts. This is one of modern music’s great hitmakers, and he was chewed up and spit out by the industry trappings of fame and fortune. Scott claims he has only $3,600 in assets left: $3,000 of that is from a watch, $500 in clothes, and $100 in cash. He also has a few million dollars in debt—but that’s not going anywhere fast.

Long-term, we’re sure he’ll be okay: the man is a classically trained pianist who was once charging six figures per beat. Now that he’s bottomed out, things can only go up from here. But Scott needs a couple quick cash grabs to get back on his feet before tackling this second chapter of life, and we have some ideas. So lean back and think about it, because these are nine ways he could double (or quintuple) up on that $3,600.

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