8 New Celebrity Couples Set to Have a Special First Valentine’s Day 

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Love is in the air! Today is Valentine’s Day, which means couples will be proclaiming their love with chocolate, flowers, and all variety of grand, romantic gestures. In the land of celebrity, it will also be the first holiday that many new celebrity couples spend together. The pressure to have a fabulous first Valentine’s Day this year is on

These new celebrity couples range from high-profile (the Internet lost their minds when Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde made it official) to discreet (as of now, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are still rumored to be a couple, but they have been photographed together recently). Whatever the case, however, one thing is already clear: they all have a distinctive couple style going on. Take Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr., for instance, who have been spotted on numerous occasions out in New York City wearing complementary dressy outfits (they do New Yorker style like no one else). 

Below, in honor of the Day of Love, we highlighted eight new famous duos—with all the info on how long they’ve been dating, what their signature couple style is, and how we imagine they’re spending the holiday today.