50 Cent Is Asking Fans To Vote For The Best Pop Smoke Album Cover on His IG Page

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After (mixtape covers have been held to higher standards), was one of millions who voiced their displeasure with the final product and called for a do over.

Though both Virgil and Pop Smoke’s label owner Steven Victor have confirmed that they’d be going back to the drawing board, 50’s decided to dedicate his Instagram page to possible Pop Smoke covers and is calling on fans to choose their favorite. Serving as executive producer for Pop Smoke’s posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, 50’s posted a up a gang of covers and asking his followers to rate each fan-made artwork on a scale from 1 to 10.

We’re not gonna front, there’s a lot of dope pieces floating around but whether or not one is chosen for the July 3rd release or Virgil just uses another Off-White’ish design remains to be seen.

The one thing we do know for certain is that every last one of these pieces is an absolute upgrade over what the famed Artistic Director for Louis Vuitton originally came up with.

No shots, just truth.