Cimo Fränkel Resonates With Current Events On New Music Video “World Is Waking Up” Off Self-Eponymous LP

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Amsterdam-bred iconic pop artist Cimo Fränkel just released his latest music video for his hit song “World Is Waking Up,” an inspiring creation by one of today’s trendiest artists in the field. He enters this new decade with full-force, sharing with his gigantic following base a song in tune with the times, in which he delivers with utmost grace and talent his universal messages, set to spark mass appeal among fans of the genre and beyond. Knowing what is happening since George Floyd’s death, artists like Cimo Fränkel emit a needed light to help us cope with the unrest and tension in the United States and the rest of the world.  

Off his newly released self-eponymous LP, a record home to a collection of fourteen songs that once again prove the hype around this 1.6 Billion times streamed artist, “World Is Waking Up” is simply magical, so much it contains soul, clarity of vision, and incredible musicality. The visuals is a masterpiece on its own, offering breathtaking imagery, with shots of the earth from space, lit with a million lights, with Fränkel being the main focus, in between a myriad of geometric patterns shedding their shadows on his graceful movements. 

Poppy, catchy, and intimate, Cimo’s creations have been played countless times, and he has collaborated with the most prestigious artists out there such as Snoop Dog, Kris Kross Amsterdam, and Armin Van Burren, just to name a few. He derives his inspiration from the King of Pop Michael Jackson, and never restricts himself to a single sound, but follows his heart and soul no matter what he does. 

Growing up in Amsterdam, Cimo’s father was a funk musician and raised him on a diet of impromptu studio visits and the DIY ethos of funk culture. Appropriately titled, “Cimo Fränkel”, the 14-track album showcases the best of a unique, International multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, dancer & dreamer at the prime of his creative career. 

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