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NTS regular DEBONAIR shows why she’s one London’s best DJs with a temperature-raising selection vintage techno, party-starting house and gritty industrial oddities. Debi Ghose, aka DEBONAIR, is one NTS Radio’s longest-standing residents. She helped to set the station’s anything-goes musical agenda when she joined back in 2011 and continues to hold down a bi-weekly show that

Morrissey wears his anarchy like a badge of honor on Low in High School

Low in High School, Morrissey’s 11th studio album, is just as outspoken as we’ve come to expect from the beloved, but beguiling former Smiths frontman. But even in a time political unrest, April Clare Welsh finds his candor teeters on snarling and cruel to the point apathy. Morrissey has returned after three years with “rage

Tyler, the Creator Ignites Sold-Out NYC Terminal 5 Show With Help From A$AP Rocky

Tyler, the Creator didn’t thank his sold-out crowd at New York City’s Terminal 5 on Monday night (Nov. 13) for the sake formality — he did it because they helped restore his faith in his own songwriting. The 26-year-old rapper born Tyler Okonma revealed that he thought he only had “three good songs” prior to releasing his latest

Big K.R.I.T. & Terrace Martin Talk New Record 'Ready for the Next' for Fox's New Sports Documentary '89 Blocks': Exclusive

As if a new 22-track album wasn’t enough, get ready for another shot hard-edged, reality-saturated encouragement from rapper Big K.R.I.T. “Ready for the Next” is a pulsing original song created for the documentary 89 Blocks, will launch Fox Sports’ new film series when it debuts on Fox next Sunday, (Nov. 26). The doc, executive-produced by Time Inc.’s

Black Dave 'Speaks Volumes For The Black Punk Movement' in New 'NYPDK' Premiere

Bronx native Black Dave announced in January 2016 in a now-unavailable Instagram post that he was no longer going to make rap music, which set the table for his new video for punk track “NYPDK” today (Nov. 15). He said around that time that he had been feeling like growing up, a mixture punk rock

Green Day Shares 'Back In The USA' Video, Joins Miranda Lambert For New Rendition of 'Ordinary World'

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong stars in the band's new video for “Back in the USA” as a character in a black-and-white sitcom inspired by John Carpenter's They Live. Like Roddy Piper's character in the 1988 film, Armstrong has glasses he puts on to see what the world is really trying to convey. In this video's

Katy Perry Pays Tribute to Warped Tour As It Enters Final Year: 'Can't Skip the Steps, Gotta Pay Your Dues'

Katy Perry got right ot the heart Warped Tour's rich history with her throwback photo posted to Instagram early Friday (Nov. 17). Back in 2008, Perry sang on the same stage as many pop punk's greatest acts during Warped Tour, a move which many artists consider to be the first step in the career an

M.E.S.H.'s vital Hesaitix reconstructs IDM amid disrupted dreams of Aphex Twin

M.E.S.H.’s second album Hesaitix runs from the radical deconstruction is predecessor, embracing the dancefloor without sacrificing experimentation. IDM survivor John Twells examines an album that revises a sound by addressing its fatal flaws. The term “intelligent dance music” – IDM, for short – was never championed by the group studio nerds who piped their bleeps,

FACT mix 627: Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never turns in a special FACT mix dedicated to the world cinema. Daniel Lopatin shouldn’t need any introduction on these pages. Over the past decade, under the tongue-twisting Oneohtrix Point Never moniker, Lopatin has journeyed from the Tangerine Dream-influenced synth fantasia his early tapes, through the vaporwave-adjacent Replica years to explore daring fresh

Lorenzo Senni shares influences with The Shape Of Lorenzo To Come mix

The producer’s new single is out now on Warp. Lorenzo Senni has yet to release a follow-up to last year’s awe-inspiring Warp debut Persona, but he’s made the wait a little easier today with a new hour-long mix for Radar Radio titled The Shape Of Lorenzo To Come. Playing f the title his new single,

Rihanna and N.E.R.D. Evolve on ‘Lemon’

For better or worse, N.E.R.D. — the rock band led by Neptunes producer duo Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo — has always been ahead its time. Formed in 1999, the group released its first album in 2001. In Search Of… wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly new: The strains ’70s and ’80s funk the pair

T. Swift’s Blade RunnerInspired ‘… Ready for It?’ Video Has Two Cyborg Swifts

It’s here. “… Ready for It?,” the most sonically progressive track from Taylor Swift’s upcoming Reputation, first premiered at a Florida State versus Alabama Saturday Night Football game, then made a brief pit stop on the internet long enough for us to debate whether we actually liked it or not, and is now back in

How Beyoncé’s Lemonade Vinyl Ended Up Containing Canadian Punk Tracks

Great news for the 27 you who make up the small but vibrant sliver overlap in the Venn diagram Beyoncé fans and Canadian punk fans – certain copies this month’s vinyl release Beyoncé’s Lemonade were mistakenly pressed with the first half Canadian punk band Zex’s new album Uphill Battle. Instead songs from Lemonade’s A-side, like “Pray You Catch

Red Hot Chili Peppers Are Classic Rock Now

This weekend saw the launch the second annual Meadows Music Festival in Queens by Citi Field. Founders Entertainment, the production and promotion company also responsible for the city’s annual Randall’s Island summer bash Governors Ball, has approached the business adding to New York’s annual festival load very carefully. By nudging Meadows out into September, it

3 Doors Down Is the Perfect Band to Play Trump’s Inauguration

With major black and mainstream pop musicians effectively boycotting Donald Trump’s inauguration, event planners have been compelled to rely on artists with a large popular following who hail from culturally marginal genres. Classical crossover, a schlocky genre predicated on slavish devotion to a mirage European high culture, is well-represented by the 16-year old platinum-selling plaster