Gareth Emery Talks Perseverance in Motivational Social Media Posts


Gareth Emery has always been a man of the people. His openness to share and brutal honesty are not only why people love his music, but respect him as a person. He has openly spoken out on his mental health, his family, and the music industry. All are somewhat taboo topics.

Today, he reached out to those needing some guidance. His first message came through Facebook. Here, Gareth speaks on being “obsessed” as the key ingredient to a perfect vocal trance track. He notes how people seem to want something to sound good right away, but aren’t willing to sacrifice what it takes to make a track “special” or “perfect.”

He apparently has a mind-blowing track in the works, which should excite any Gareth Emery fan. However the bigger message is to not settle for “good” if you want to change the game.

His second post came through on Instagram. Here, he spoke on arguably his most iconic track, ‘Concrete Angel,’ with the incomparable Christina Novelli. The post details how he tried and tried to put the music to the vocals, but couldn’t find the right fit. He labored and killed himself, only to find a dead end. As he was about to give up, he gave one more try and finally nailed it.

Long story short – don’t give up. Push through the crap if you want to see the fruits of you labor. Give a listen to ‘Concrete Angel’ below, and just know that it didn’t come easy or on the first try.

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